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drone shows

We provide drone shows throughout Canada. 

Here are a few of our past projects: 

In a dazzling display that harmonized cutting-edge technology with rich cultural heritage, Wasagamack First Nations in Island Lake, Manitoba, experienced a truly unique event—a spellbinding drone light show orchestrated by Drone Light Show Canada. With a fleet of 100 synchronized drones, the night sky over Wasagamack was transformed into a canvas of light, carrying profound messages rooted in the Seven Teachings of First Nations and a resolute call to say no to drugs and alcohol.

Marking a historic moment of the First ever drone show in the province of New Brunswick, the sky of City of Dieppe became a canvas for an unprecedented drone light show presented by drone light show Canada.

The 90 drones, orchestrated with precision by Drone Light Show Canada, painted the night sky with a myriad of enchanting animations. From ethereal butterflies gracefully fluttering above to dynamic kites dancing in the wind, the drones seamlessly transitioned to whimsical windmills, corporate logos, and even a rocket soaring into the cosmos.

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